︎A study with concrete and textile


combines the characteristic qualities of concrete with textile materials and textile techniques.

Within this research project, both materials, made of the components of cement, water and textile fibers, were investigated separately first, and then matched to each other.

In order to be able to create textiles from the material hybrid, tubes made of fabric were filled with cement to create a kind of a hybrid yarn which could then be turned into a surface by using a textile technique, such as knitting.

Within the project the three techniques knitting, weaving and knotting were spefically examined to study the performance of each in combination with the newly created yarn and the effect of the individual techniques on the surface properties. 

Four final objects were realized:
one stool-like weaving, a free-standing knitted texture, a knitted wall panel
and one moveable knotted structure.

Each object is shaped by the principle of gravity.

Model: Mira Hardt